Medication Drop Off

Year-Round Drop Box Locations

Accepted Items

Items NOT Accepted 

These items should be brought to the Washington County Environmental Center:

  • Needles
  • Syringes
  • Lancets
  • Vaping devices/liquids
  • Thermometers 

Why Medications Should Be Dropped Off

Old and unused medicines in your home can pose a risk for accidental poisoning, theft, and drug abuse. Medications disposed of in a sink, toilet, or landfill can eventually pollute surface and groundwater and harm fish and wildlife. Instead of flushing or throwing them in the trash, drop the medication off for safe and free disposal.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office will secure the medications and take them to a waste-to-energy facility that is licensed to burn this type of waste. The service is paid for through the use of the County Environmental Charge.

Other Options

Residents have options for other locations for drug disposal listed on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency website, which is searchable by location, and lists all drug drops that are public and private in the state.

Some privately run drug stores and other sites also are available for drug drop.