County Highway 19 (Woodbury Drive)

  1. Project Overview
  2. Public Involvement
  3. Schedule


  • County Highway 19 (Woodbury Drive) between County Highway 18 (Bailey Road) and Dale Road

Proposed Improvements

  • Improve traffic operations
    • Increase capacity with a 4-lane divided design
    • Improve safety at Dale Road
  • Improve pedestrian accessibility and safety
  • Improve drainage
  • Protect existing utilities
  • Gain community and agency acceptance

Project Layout

Central Greenway Regional Trail

  • The Central Greenway Regional Trail is a future trail in Washington County that will provide a 30-mile connection between three of the region’s premier regional park facilities. 
  • The proposed route for the south segment will mostly follow County Road 19 from Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park to Interstate 94. Much of this trail is already built, including the segment that is between I-94 and Tamarack Rd. A copy of the trails master plan can be found here.