County Highway 19 (Woodbury Drive)

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During construction, Washington County will send out updates on construction activity. The updates will provide information on work that happened throughout the week and an update on the schedule for the following week. In addition, when applicable, there will be photos, maps, and other information so that residents and business owners can stay informed on the progress. 

If you would like to get these updates via email when they are available, sign up using the link to the right.  

All updates will also be posted on this page.


County Highway 19 (both northbound and southbound) south of Dale Road is currently closed. Please use posted detour route (see map below).  

Stage 3A Detour

Arrowwood Trail (west of Woodbury Drive) is currently closed. Residents should use Atlas Trail or Ambrose Road for an alternate access during this time.  This specific closure is shown in purple on the map below.  

For residents and those accessing specific neighborhoods in this area, see the map below showing a more detailed visual and explanation of the upcoming closure.

Overview of CSAH 19 and Dale Closures 

Construction Photos

Two cameras are placed on-site and take pictures every 12-14 minutes during the entire construction project. This is a great way to view recent activity and the progress throughout construction.

Project Camera 1 Opens in new window

Project Camera 2 Opens in new window

2021 Construction Updates

The Metropolitan Council is also repairing their sanitary sewer mainline on the west side of County Highway 19, north of Atlas Trail. With the advance work happening, we encourage drivers to slow down and exercise caution when using County Highway 19 between Bailey Road and Dale Road. For more information regarding the Metropolitan Council Project, please visit their website.

Bailey Road and Woodbury Drive roundabout will have some lane restrictions throughout construction. The roundabout will remain open, and all movements are anticipated to be maintained throughout the project.