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Community Links NewsletterThe Community Links Newsletter is published four times per year by the Washington County Community Services Developmental Disability Unit. The newsletter links providers and consumers to community resources and local activities.
County Attorney Initial Court AppearancesWeekly summary of adult criminal initial court appearances
County Attorney Press ReleasesPress releases
County Attorney SentencingsWeekly summary of adult criminal sentencings
County Highway 10 (10th Street)Updates on the County Highway 10 (10th Street) Pavement Preservation project on County Highway 10 (10th Street) from 1/4 mile east of County Highway 15 (Manning Avenue) to County Highway 21 (Stagecoach Trail).
County Highway 12 (Stillwater Rd/75th St.)Projects updates for the Stillwater Road/75th Street (County Highway 12) Project. The project corridor extends from Wildwood Road/Mahtomedi Avenue in the downtown area of Mahtomedi and Willernie, to Jamaca Avenue North (County Highway 9) in Grant.
County Highway 13 (Hinton Avenue Roundabout)Updates on the Roundabout project at County Highway 13 (Hinton Avenue).
County Highway 13 (Radio Drive Trail)Project Updates for the County Highway 13 (Radio Drive) Trail Extension Project between County Highway 16 (Valley Creek Road) and Afton Road/Pioneer Drive.
County Highway 15 (Manning Avenue) & Trunk Highway 36 InterchangeUpdates on the County Highway 15 (Manning Avenue) & Trunk Highway 36 Interchange Study.
County Highway 15 (Manning Avenue) Corridor (I-94 to TH5)Updates on the County Highway 15 (Manning Avenue) Corridor from I-94 to County Highway 14 (Old TH 5).
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County Highway 18 (Bailey Road)Projects updates for the County Highway 18 (Bailey Road) project between County Highway 13 (Maxwell Avenue) and County Highway 19 (Woodbury Drive).
County Highway 19 (Keats Avenue South)Updates on the County Highway 19 (Keats Avenue South) turn lane project at Indian Boulevard near Cottage Grove Middle School and Grey Cloud Elementary School.
County Highway 19 (Woodbury Drive)Project updates for the County Highway 19 (Woodbury Drive) project between I-94 and Tamarack Road.
County Highway 19 (Woodbury Drive) 2021Project Updates for the County Highway 19 (Woodbury Drive) 2021 Construction Project located at County Highway 19 (Woodbury Drive) between County Highway 18 (Bailey Road) and Dale Road.
County Highway 21 (Stagecoach Trail)Subscribe to receive updates on the County Highway 21 (Stagecoach Trail) Corridor Improvement Project.
County Highway 21(Stagecoach Trail) CulvertsUpdates on the County Highway 21 (Stagecoach Trail) culvert replacement project at three separate locations; north of 15th Street, west of Putnam Road, and south of 80th Street.
County Highway 23 (Third Street)Project updates on the County Highway 23 (Third Street) Project from 100ft south of Walnut Street to County Highway 23 (Chestnut Street).
County Highway 24 (Osgood Avenue)Project and Construction Updates for County Highway 24 (Osgood Avenue) in Stillwater and Oak Park Heights. Project limits are between 50th Street North and 65th Street North.
County Highway 3 (Olinda Trail)Updates on the County Highway 3 (Olinda Trail) Pavement Preservation construction project from Interstate County Highway 3 (170th Street) to 240th Street (Chisago County Line).
County Highway 35 (Hadley Avenue) & Trunk Highway 36 InterchangeUpdates on the County Highway 35 (Hadley Avenue) & TH 36 Interchange Project.
County Highway 4 (Marine on St. Croix)County Highway 4 Corridor Management and Safety Improvement Project
County Highway 5 (Stillwater)Project and Construction Updates for County Highway 5 from Croixwood Boulevard to Pine Tree Trail in Stillwater.
County Highway 6 (Stillwater Boulevard)Updates on the Road Improvement and Watermain Replacement Project on Stillwater Boulevard (County Highway 6) from Century Avenue (State Highway 120) to Granada Avenue.
County Road 17 (Lake Elmo Avenue)Construction Updates for County Road 17 (Lake Elmo Avenue).
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County Road 21 (St. Croix Trail)Construction Updates for County Road 21 (St. Croix Trail) Afton Downtown Village Improvement Project.
County Road 51 (Partridge Road)Updates on the County Road 51 (Partridge Road) Pavement Preservation project at County Road 51 (Partridge Road N) and bridge over railroad tracks in Stillwater Township and May Township.
County Road 52 (Oakhill Road)Updates on the County Road 52 (Oakhill Road) Pavement Preservation project on County Road 52 (Oakhill Road North) from Minnesota Highway 95 to Minnesota Highway 97.
County Road 65 (Oakgreen Avenue)Project updates for the County Road 65 (Oakgreen Avenue) project from County Highway 10 (10th Street) to County Highway 14 (40th Street) in the West Lakeland and Baytown Townships.
Environmental eUpdateThis newsletter provides information about local environmental news, services and events happening at the Environmental Center and in your community.
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HazWaste E-ClipsThis periodic newsletter provides information for our Licensed Hazardous Waste Generators about current regulations, common violations, training opportunities, and environmental successes. The topics are driven by what Generators inquire about during inspections or through the E-Clip’s “What do you Think” section.
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HealthWave NewsletterThis quarterly newsletter promotes healthy lifestyles in adults by informing professionals working in health and education about programs and resources available to help fight chronic disease, address worksite health issues, and highlight successful and innovative health promotion programs implemented in Washington County.
Land and Water Legacy ProgramThe Land and Water Legacy Program, is a program through which the County works with landowners and organizations to purchase land or interests in land to keep it in a natural condition.
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Park InformationReceive information regarding events at the park.
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Parks Yoga ProgramA list of participant emails from the Washington County Parks Yoga program.
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Property Tax Payment ReminderReminder to residents to pay their taxes
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Tax Forfeited Sale AuctionsSubscribe to receive Email notifications of Tax Forfeited Land Auctions
Washington County Historic CourthouseSupporters, volunteers and past event attendees who are interested in keeping up to date with current events.
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Washington County Veterans Services E-NewsletterNews from the Washington County Veterans Services Office
Water Consortium AgendasThe Washington County Water Consortium works on surface and groundwater issues that cross local governmental boundaries. The consortium is an ad hoc organization of representatives from watershed districts, joint powers agreement water management organizations, cities and townships, the Washington Conservation District, county departments, and state and regional natural resource agencies.
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Bid Postings

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Accounting & FinanceView Previous Messages
AdministrationAll bid postings for Administration will be placed here.
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Community ServicesView Previous Messages
Human ResourcesView Previous Messages
Information TechnologyView Previous Messages
Property Records and Taxpayer ServicesView Previous Messages
Public Health and EnvironmentView Previous Messages
Public WorksRoad
View Previous Messages
Sheriff's OfficeView Previous Messages

News Flash

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County Attorney Press Releases
County Road 17 (Lake Elmo Avenue)
CR 65 (Oakgreen Avenue)
CSAH 12 (Stillwater Rd/75th St)
CSAH 13/22 Roundabout
CSAH 15 (Manning) & TH 36 Interchange
CSAH 15/14 Realignment Project
CSAH 18 (Bailey Road)
CSAH 19 (Woodbury Drive)
CSAH 21 (Stagecoach Trail)
CSAH 24 (Osgood Ave)
CSAH 35 (Hadley Interchange)
CSAH 5 (Croixwood to Brick St.)
CSAH 5 (Pine Tree Trail to Sycamore St)Updates on the CSAH 5 Pedestrian & Safety Improvement Project (Phase 2) from Pine Tree Trail to Sycamore St
ParksView Previous Messages
ParksView Previous Messages
TransportationView Previous Messages


MethodList NameDescription
Main CalendarView Previous Messages
MRC Calendar EventsMedical Reserve Corp list of events for 2018
ParksView Previous Messages
Public Health and Environment
Veterans Calendar
Washington County Libraries
Washington County Library Board Meeting Schedule

Agenda Center

MethodList NameDescription
Board of Commissioners — Agendas and Minutes
Surveyor - Board of Adjustment and Appeals — Board of Adjustment and Appeals
Library Board Agendas & Minutes — Library Board Agendas & Minutes
Board of Commissioners - Regional Rail Authority — Regional RailAgenda and Minutes for Regional Rail Meetings