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Speed Trailer Request Form

  1. WC_Sheriff_Badge_web
  2. Sheriff's Office

    Law Enforcement Center
    15015 62nd Street North
    Stillwater, MN 55082
    Phone: 651-430-7601
    Email: sheriff@co.washington.co.mn.us

  3. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office, working jointly with Washington County Public Works, have two speed trailer units. These units may be deployed in known high traffic and high speed areas. The trailer is designed to provide the approaching vehicle with both actual speed limit and the drivers speed. The unit also records time and date of detected vehicle. 

    The information recorded will assist the Sheriff’s Office with traffic counts and provide information as to when it is the best time to deploy an officer to monitor speeding vehicles. 

    The trailer DOES NOT record the vehicle's registration number or driver's information. 

    The Speed Trailer is requested frequently. Due to demand, your request will be placed in order of submission date and is subject to weather conditions. 

  4. Include nearest cross street, nearest property address, and detecting direction

  5. Maximum deployment is 7 days

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