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Parks Donation Form

  1. Parks Division

    1515 Keats Avenue N
    Lake Elmo, MN 55042 

  2. Donation Form

    Phone: 651-430-8370
    Email: Parks@co.washington.mn.us

  3. Thank You

    Thank you for your interest in a tax-deductible donation to the Washington County park system. Your generosity can help us enhance natural areas, improve trails and amenities, provide valuable education to youth, or support the preservation of the Historic Courthouse.

  4. Donor Information

  5. Tax Deductible Receipt
  6. Donation Selection

  7. Donation Selections

    Recommended Donation Amounts:

    Donation SelectionAmount Donation
    Milkweed for Monarchs$25
    Living Forest$50
    Programs, volunteer, nature-based$25
    Trail planning and enhancements$50
    Bench$2500 - $3500
    Building PreservationAny

    These are the amounts needed to complete a purchase towards the specific fund. For a full description of what your donation is going towards please visit the Washington County Parks website.

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  9. Stewardship Fund
  10. Parks & Trails Fund
  11. Historic Courthouse Fund
  12. Submit My Donation

    Form of Donation

    By Check

    Please write a check payable to: Washington County. 

    Once you "submit" this form, you will receive a copy of the form. Please print the form and mail it with your check to: 

    Washington County Parks
    1515 Keats Avenue North
    Lake Elmo, MN 55042

    By Credit Card

    Submit an online donation via Parks online payment system.

    Or, please call the Washington County Parks office to pay with a credit card via phone: 651-430-8370.

    Thank you for your donation. 

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