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Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Post-Test

  1. This training fulfills the requirements for the Sudden Unexpected Infant Death training required prior to your initial license being issues. It must be re-taken every five years. Your licensor will review your submission.
  2. Q2. The majority of infant deaths due to unsafe sleeping environments occur in the infant's crib.*
  3. Q3. In order to create a safe sleep environment for infants, which of the following guidelines should be followed.*
  4. Q4. Experts recommend that the infant should sleep in the same room as the caregivers, but not in the same bed.*
  5. Q5. Which of the following types of sleep surfaces are safe for an infant?*
  6. Q6. An infant's mouth must be covered in order to suffocate on a soft sleep surface.*
  7. Q7. Which of the following are dangers of sharing an adult bed with an infant?*
  8. Q8. As many as 80-90% of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death cases in the USA are the result of unsafe sleep practices.*
  9. Q9. Which of the following statements is NOT correct?*
  10. Q10. Which of the following items are safe to have in an infant's crib?*
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