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Prudent Parenting Post-Test

  1. This post-test fulfills the requirements for the Prudent Parent standard training. Your licensor will review your submission.
  2. Q2. Developmentally appropriate activities are based on a child's:*
  3. Q4. Caregivers demonstrating compliance with the Prudent Parent standard will not incur civil liability if the foster child is harmed or injured while participating in an approved activity.*
  4. Q5. A caregiver must get permission from an agency for any activity that takes a child out of the foster home for longer than three nights.*
  5. Q6. Corporate foster care and residential facilities must have at least one person available on-site who is trained and designated to apply the Reasonable and Prudent Standard.*
  6. Q7. In order for a child to stay overnight at the home of a friend, it is necessary for the adults in the home to complete a background study.*
  7. Q8. If a birth parent does not agree to their child participating in an activity, the child may not participate.*
  8. Q9. A child's individualized case plan states that she cannot go into the community be herself. She has asked her foster parents if she can go to the mall after school by herself. In this case, should the foster parents follow the child's individualized case plan or the Prudent Parent standard?*
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