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Child Foster Care Orientation - Module 2 Post-Test

  1. 1. What is the social media policy for foster providers?*
  2. 2. Relative foster providers receive preference over non-related providers.*
  3. 3. If a child runs away or is lost, which of the following should you do? (choose all that apply)*
  4. 4. You may request a re-evaulation of your foster care reimbursement rate at any time.*
  5. 5. When should an initial call take place for non-related families?*
  6. 6. As a foster provider, you are delegated the ability to sign for medical treatments.*
  7. 7. What is the purpose of the complaint and grievance procedure? *
  8. 8. You are guaranteed a clothing allowance for every child placed in your home.*
  9. 9. If a child is placed in your home on a Monday afternoon and removed on a Wednesday morning, how many days would you submit for billing?*
  10. 10. Releases for information about a foster child must be signed by the child protection case manager.*
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