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Child Foster Care Orientation - Module 1 Post-Test

  1. 1. What is the PRIMARY goal of permanency planning?*
  2. 2. As a foster provider, you are required to report suspected child abuse and neglect.*
  3. 3. Who must have a background check in connection to your license application?*
  4. 4. All child protection cases require court involvement.*
  5. 5. When requesting that a child be removed from your home, how much notice should you provide?*
  6. 6. Concurrent permanency families are always offered an opportunity to adopt a child in their care.*
  7. 7. Which of the following is NOT your responsibility to biological parents?*
  8. 8. The Guardian ad litem is an employee of Washington County.*
  9. 9. Which of the following are goals of the child welfare system? (choose all that apply)*
  10. 10. The Out-of-Home Placement Plan (OHPP) will not change throughout placement.*
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