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Abusive Head Trauma Post-Test

  1. This post-test fulfills the requirements for the Abusive Head Trauma training. This training must be re-taken every five years. Your licensor will review your submission.
  2. Q3. Abusive Head Trauma is cause by which of the following?*
  3. Q6. A single shake may cause brain damage in an infant.*
  4. Q7. Abusive Head Trauma only applies to infants.*
  5. Q8. Infants are believed to be particularly susceptible to Abusive Head Trauma because of their relatively large and heavy head and underdeveloped neck muscles.*
  6. Q10. Abusive Head Trauma is preventable.*
  7. Q11. Activities that cause Abusive Head Trauma include tossing a child into the air or jogging with a child in a backpack.*
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