How will I get in and out of my driveway?

Driveway access will be maintained during the majority of construction.  There will be some concrete work where driveways meet the road.  This work will include removal of the old concrete curb and replacement on new concrete curb and a concrete apron.  To complete this work, concrete is poured out of a truck and takes about five days to harden (cure).  While this concrete is hardening, vehicles will not be allowed to drive over the soft concrete.  Advance notice of when work is expected to occur will be provided to residents during construction.

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1. How will I get in and out of my driveway?
2. Will I be assessed for this project?
3. When is this project expected to occur? For how long?
4. What hours will workers be in the area? Will they work on weekends?
5. How will my mail or packages be delivered?
6. How will my trash or recycling be picked up?
7. Will the road be closed?
8. Will the sidewalk be closed?
9. Will my water service be shut off during this project?
10. Will there be dust? Noise?
11. Will the speed limit be changed?
12. How will disturbed turf in my yard be re-established?