How do I make an appointment?
Call Washington County Veteran services to make an appointment at one of our offices. Our office hours are 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday except for federal holidays. We prefer to schedule appointments but welcome walk-ins, if we are available, at all three of our locations; Stillwater, Cottage Grove and Forest Lake.

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1. How do I make an appointment?
2. When can I expect a return call/email?
3. What information do I need to begin?
4. How do I know if I am eligible for "Compensation"?
5. How do I know if I have any benefits?
6. Can I have my claim reconsidered even though it was denied in the past?
7. What is a Veteran Identification Card (VIC) and how do I get one?
8. Do I have to pay for medical services at the VA?
9. How do I get a ride to the VA for an appointment?
10. Are there any monetary burial benefits available?
11. Are my dependents eligible for any VA benefits when I die?
12. Are there any benefits for my dependents besides death benefits?