What is the existing and proposed ground cover?

The existing area is non-irrigated mowed turf and in dry years the turf ends up burning up, becoming yellow. The basin is proposed to have native plantings that are hardier with deeper roots that hold up to dry conditions much better. The native plantings also provide color and an opportunity to support wildlife. Providing support for wildlife and pollinators is an initiative of the City.

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1. What are the legal contractual considerations altering existing green spaces and Markgrafs Lake?
2. Where is the documentation of all considered site options with pros and cons for each site?
3. Where are the actual plans for biofiltration basin site indicating size, depth and cross sections?
4. What types of plants are proposed for the basin?
5. What is the existing and proposed ground cover?
6. There are concerns of disrupting a turtle nesting area.
7. What are the plans for scheduled site maintenance and budgetary support?
8. What are the considerations for the loss of green space by the addition of the biofiltration basin which affects the unstructured recreational use for all citizens of Woodbury to walk, bike and frol
9. What is the project record?