Can I use this program more than once?

You can reapply yearly for the program and your eligibility will be reviewed again. There is a yearly max per year that one child is allowed to receive. If you do not qualify at some point after being approved you are responsibility for communicating this and returning any funds that you shouldn’t have received directly to the county.

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1. Do I need a case manager in order to receive the Family Support Grant?
2. Can I use this with PCA services, CSG program, or the while on a waiver?
3. What if I’m eligible at the moment but waiting to get PCA services, CSG, or waivered services set up – can I use this while I wait?
4. How long does it take to get approved for the grant?
5. What if the person is eligible for all of the criteria besides the child still live at home and is over 25?
6. Do I need to have Medical Assistance to qualify?
7. Can I use this program more than once?
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9. When do you receive the monthly checks? Can I pick it up?