How will noise be addressed as part of the project?
A noise study may be performed as part of the environmental review process, in accordance with applicable state and federal requirements. The study would include monitoring current noise levels, modeling future noise levels, and analyzing potential mitigation alternatives.

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1. What is the function of Manning Avenue?
2. Why does Manning Avenue need to be upgraded to a 4-lane facility?
3. Has a 3-lane facility been considered for Manning Avenue?
4. How will access be “managed” along the corridor?
5. Why do we need a center median along Manning Avenue?
6. Can something be done to slow traffic down?
7. Will roundabouts be considered along with this project?
8. What are the traffic benefits of the TH 5 realignment alternative?
9. Will all or parts of my property along Manning Avenue need to be acquired by the County?
10. Will there be assessments to my property?
11. What additional accommodations will be made for pedestrians and bicyclists?
12. What is being done to minimize impacts to the natural environment?
13. How will noise be addressed as part of the project?
14. How is the public being informed of the project progress and how can they get involved?