COVID-19 Business Resources


Executive Order 20-40 begins the process of safely returning Minnesotans to work, starting with workers in non-customer facing industrial and office-based businesses who cannot work from home. Learn more here.

Public Pools

Beginning June 10th public pools may open at 50% capacity after:

  • Completing a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan.
  • Consider the square footage needed per bather to allow for 6 feet of space for each patron (except for family groups) in the pool and on the deck at all times. In most cases, this will effectively reduce the regular posted capacity by 50%.
  • Each facility must have a designated person on-site to ensure that guidelines and regulations are followed. A facility may appoint an attendant or other staff member to perform these duties, as long as the facility is otherwise properly staffed. A lifeguard while on lifeguard duty may not perform duties of the attendant or be given additional duties that distract from the responsibilities of lifeguarding.
  • Post Signage:
    • Identify and post additional signage, including:
      • Capacity and social distancing.
      • Reminders to wash hands and practice good personal hygiene.
      • Location of handwashing and sanitizing stations.
      • Instructions on how to identify symptoms of COVID-19.
      • Information about being excluded if individuals or household members are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.
  • CDC guidance on extended spa closure
  • MDH guidance on prevention of Legionellosis (Legionella)

Food Service Establishments

Beginning June 10th, restaurants and bars can allow up to 50% capacity in both indoor and outdoor dining as long as they:

  • Have adopted and implemented a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan
  • Ensure a minimum of 6 feet of distance between tables
  • Limit on-premises capacity to no more than 250 persons
  • Limit table service to 4 persons, or 6 if part of one family unit
  • Require reservations in advance
  • Require workers to wear masks and strongly encourage masks be worn by customers when not eating or drinking

Resources for Food Service Establishments