County Highway 5 Pedestrian & Safety Improvement Project (Phase 2)

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  3. Project Study
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County Highway 5 is an important north-south link in the City of Stillwater. However, it currently lacks adequate pedestrian and bicycle accommodations and connectivity among facilities. A study conducted in 2014 recommended ways to improve facilities and connections for pedestrians and bicyclists, as well as improving safety and mobility for motorists on County Highway 5.


  • County Highway 5 from Pine Tree Trail to the south junction of Sycamore Street

Proposed Improvements

  • Resurface County Highway 5
  • Stripe left turn lanes at Brick Street
  • Replace damaged curb-and-gutter and catch basins
  • Improve pedestrian accessibility and safety by replacing the existing sidewalks and adding a sidewalk on the west side from Wilkins Street to the south junction of Sycamore Street