County Highway 13 Pedestrian Bridge Project

13 ped bridge

Project Overview

Washington County has received federal funding for a new pedestrian/bicycle bridge over I-94. In addition, this project will include roadway improvements to County Highway 13 (Inwood Avenue/Radio Drive) over I-94. The new pedestrian/bicycle facility will be constructed on the west side of the existing bridge.

Design Update

Proposed Pedestrian Bridge

Washington County has been working with MnDOT and the Cities of Oakdale and Woodbury to develop an aesthetic design for the pedestrian bridge connecting the two communities. The intent is that the structure should provide not just a physical connection between Oakdale and Woodbury, but also create an experience for the pedestrian, with a sense that I-94 is less of a barrier and more of a seam connecting the two communities. Stakeholders recommenced the use of recognizable community and regional materials that suggProposed Pedestrian Bridgeest the bridge is both timeless and welcoming to all who experience or view it.

Based on these criteria, the proposed bridge design reflects the clean civic architecture found in both communities, including:Proposed Pedestrian Bridge

  • Recognizable materials - limestone base and brick fascia
  • Traditional colors - reds, browns, tans
  • Ornamental fencing and railing
  • Parapet lighting
  • Planters and more formal patterns of landscaping

As part of the bridge reconstruction, improvements to the "pork-chop" island on the I-94 eastbound off/on ramp to/from Radio Drive will also be made. The improvements will provide better connectivity for bicyclists and pedestrians and a more welcoming environment overall.