Central Yard Waste Site

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Project Overview

Washington County is proposing to locate a No Cost, Yard Waste Transfer site within the central corridor of the County.  The proposed site would provide county residents a centrally located drop-off location for grass clippings, leaves, garden waste, brush, tree debris and food scraps.   

Why is Washington County Developing the Yard Waste Transfer Program?

Washington County conducted a multi-year policy and program analysis to evaluate options for expanding access to yard waste transfer facilities for residents.

The closure of public and private yard waste sites has created gaps in yard waste services throughout the County.

Engagement with local municipalities has indicated a need for Washington County to provide yard waste transfer facilities to address gaps in service s needed. 

Expanding access to yard waste transfer facilities for residents is consistent with the County Board’s adopted Solid Waste Management Master Plan for Washington County. The County is committed to developing and implementing an integrated waste management system targeting waste reduction and recycling efforts to work towards achieving the State’s metro-wide 75% recycling goal. 

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