County Highway 18 (Bailey Road) Corridor Study

The County Highway 18 (Bailey Road) Corridor Study was completed from the summer of 2017 to the summer of 2018. During that time, 3 priority projects along the corridor were selected to improve safety, capacity, and operations where they will provide the most benefit now and into the future. These projects can be viewed under the “Preferred Alternatives” Tab.

Project OverviewCSAH 18 Bailey Road


  • County Highway 18 (Bailey Road) between County Highway 38 (Maxwell Avenue) and County Highway 19 (Woodbury Drive)

Project Goals

  • Determine near and long term vision for the corridor and prioritize needs
  • Improve the safety, capacity, and operation of intersections and roadway segments
  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities and access
  • Identify and implement storm water drainage improvements
  • Improve quality and life of pavement