Maintaining Your Permit

Change of Address / Loss or Destruction of Permit

Within 30 days after changing permanent address, or within 30 days of having lost or destroyed a permit card, the permit holder must notify the issuing sheriff of the change, loss, or destruction.

Failure to provide notification as required is a petty misdemeanor.

After notice is given, a permit holder may obtain a replacement permit card by paying $10 to the sheriff. The request for a replacement permit card must be made on an official, standardized application adopted for this purpose, and,
except in the case of an address change, must include a notarized statement that the permit card has been lost or destroyed.

There is no requirement to obtain a new card for a change of address, you are only required to report the change. However if you would like a new card with your new address on the card then you must follow the above procedure (excluding the notarized statement) and pay the $10 fee.