Booking Fee Reimbursement

About Booking Fees

The Washington County Jail collects a $25 booking fee from each person held for confinement. This is authorized by the Washington County Board of Commissioners per Minnesota Statute 641.12, sub 1. Booking fees will not be collected on rental inmates, juvenile inmates, writs, or booking motions.

Reimbursement Eligibility

A person may request to have their booking fee reimbursed if:
  • all charges are dismissed at court or
  • they are acquitted on all charges.
  • no outstanding charges on the inmate’s account from prior booking fees

Proof for Reimbursement

It is up to the individual to provide proof from court administration that the charges were dismissed or you have been acquitted.

Requesting Reimbursement

If you believe you are entitled to a booking fee reimbursement, call the jail phone number at 651-430-7900 and ask to speak to the support services sergeant.