Inmate Property and Clothing


  • New and used books may be dropped off at the service window in the jail lobby.
  • Once they are searched by the programs staff they will be given to the inmate.
  • When the inmate is released the book becomes the property of the Washington County Jail.
  • No newspapers or magazines are allowed in the jail.
  • Inmates will be given a free Bible or Koran if they request one through programs staff.


Property Release

  • Single keys and money may be released if requested by the inmate in writing.
  • Other items such as clothes, credit cards, jewelry, shoes, coats, etc., must be all released at the same time.
  • Inmates must have one full set of clothing at the jail at all time.
  • EBT cards will only be released to the party it is registered to on the card itself. 
  • Inmates must request items be picked up in writing 24 hours in advance.
  • The person picking up the items must provide a valid government agency picture ID with date of birth.


Property Drop Off

All items dropped off will be searched.

You can drop off clothes for a STS or Work Release inmate or inmates that need clothes for a jury trial once the trial date is set. A one-time exchange of clean clothes may be exchanged at anytime.

Medical devices and medications may be dropped off at anytime. Certain medical items such as contact lenses and solutions may be dropped off as long as they are new and untampered with. The inmate must receive medical authorization from our nurse before these items will be accepted.