Health Care and Medications

Health Care Services

Services provided include: 
  • Medical care
  • Dental care
  • Psychological care from licensed professionals within our community.
Several registered nurses on site during the week Monday through Friday. There is one registered nurse on site during the weekend. Inmates have access to their prescription medications and may purchase over the counter medications. Doctor, dentist, and nurse visits are given for a nominal fee. Inmates who have medical insurance are billed for services rendered.

Other Medications

Family members and friends can drop off medications in the main lobby of the jail. The jail only accepts valid, non-expired prescriptions. Authorized items such as contact lenses solutions will only be accepted in new, unopened, non tampered containers.

HIPPA Regulations

Due to patient confidentiality and HIPPA regulations, we are unable to answer medical questions and concerns over the phone. The inmate must sign a HIPPA Release of Information Form before any information can be given out in writing.

Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003
(28 C.F.R. PART 115, 115.54)
The Washington County Sheriff’s Office Adult Jail and Juvenile Holding facility has a zero-tolerance policy concerning any sexual misconduct between inmates or between staff and inmates. As friend or relative of an inmate, you have the right to report sexual misconduct and remain free from any retaliation regardless of your English speaking proficiency, physical or mental disability, or any limitation you have in reading or writing. Special accommodations will be made to the best ability of the Sheriff’s Office following the notification of staff.

Report Sexual Abuse/Sexual Harassment using any of the procedures listed below:
  • Call 651-430-7900 and ask to speak to the Asst. Jail Administrator or Jail Sergeant.
  • Ask to speak to an Administrator or Jail Sergeant in person.
  • Call the 24-hour Non-Emergency Sheriff’s Office line at 651-439-9381 and ask to speak to the Jail Sergeant.
  • Write a letter to the Assistant Jail Administrator at the Washington County Jail, 15015 62nd St. North, Stillwater MN 55082
Persons who knowingly file false criminal sexual conduct reports will face criminally prosecution.
Prison Rape Elimination Act 2003