Inmate Money

Inmate Keefe Commissary Network

There are three options to give an inmate money:
  • Jail lobby kiosk to deposit cash or by credit card
    • Up to $300 every 14 days
    • Fees as low as $2.95
  • Toll free deposits at 866-345-1884
    • Fees as low as $3.95
  • Internet deposits
    • Fees as low as $2.95

Inmate E-mail and Photos 
Family and friends are now able to send e-mails and pictures to inmates by setting up an account with or by calling 800-546-6283. There is a fee for this service. Once the account is set up, inmates can also send e-mails back to the account holder. E-mails and photos are reviewed by Jail Administration before they can be seen by the inmate. You will be notified if your e-mail or photo is rejected.