Inmate Phone Calls

Inmate Debit Calling Account

With an inmate debit account, inmates may make local, long distance, or international calls to landlines and cell phones.

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Open an Inmate Debit Account

When you were booked in, an inmate debit account was automatically opened for you with a $0 balance. To make calls, funds simply need to be added to the account.

Fund an Inmate Debit Account

  • Make a commissary request to transfer money from your facility trust / commissary account to your inmate debit calling account
  • Ask your friends and family members to add money directly to your inmate debit account online or at 800-844-6591
  • Ask a question:


Based on facility requirements, your facility may only allow one or both of these funding methods.

Receive Inmate Calls

If your friends and family members are having trouble receiving your calls, ask them to contact Securus Correctional Billing Services at 800-844-6591.

Collect a Refund

Canteen and phone refunds will be given to you upon release if you have remaining funds. Booking fees and indigent supplies will be deducted from your account first. Past debts will also be deducted.