Jail Information

About the Facility

The Washington County Jail is a 200-bed direct supervision facility that was opened in June of 1993. In addition to the jail commander and the assistant jail administrator, we have 63 correctional officers, 9 correctional sergeants, 5 full-time programs coordinators, 7 office support, 1 full-time nurse, 7 part-time nurses, and approximately 20 unpaid volunteers in various positions.

Our medical unit has a small dentist's office and several examination rooms. We have our own on-site laundry and a web based inmate canteen services. The laundry is staffed by 1 correctional officer and 5 to 8 inmate laborers. The laundry runs between 5-10 hours per day, depending on the amount of laundry that is generated by the inmates housed in our facility.

Jail Facilities


Some of the programs available at the Washington County Jail include GED, and other educational opportunities, chemical abuse counseling, library services, religious guidance, and recreational activities.


Our jail holds pre-trial, straight time (sentenced), Work release and STS (Sentence to Service) offenders and EHM (Electronic Home Monitoring). STS is a program that is court ordered so inmates can go out into the community to perform many service projects. The jail holds males, females and juveniles.

Juvenile Temporary Holding Facility

The Sheriff's Office also operates a 5-bed Juvenile Facility that is licensed by the State of Minnesota as an 8-day juvenile temporary holding facility.

Transportation Unit

The jail has it's own Transportation Unit which operates five days a week.

Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Services
Inmates in custody at the Washington County Jail will be provided full and equal access to services and programs. The County will use its best efforts to provide inmates effective auxiliary aids and services that will permit deaf and hard-of-hearing inmates to have the ability to communicate with people outside of the jail that other inmates have. The Washington County Jail has policies and procedures in place that it will provide appropriate auxiliary aids (including ASL interpreters and Video Remote Interpreting) to allow effective communication with all deaf and hard-of-hearing inmates. Sign language, oral interpreters, video remote interpreting, texting, TTYs and other auxiliary services are available to deaf and hard-of-hearing inmates free of charge.

The Washington County Jail will not retaliate against, or coerce in any way, any person who exercises or attempts to exercise his or her rights to services and programs while in custody.

If you need help or have a question, please contact the Deaf and Hard-Of-Hearing Coordinator at 651-430-7900.