9-1-1 Communications

The current Washington County Sheriff's Office Communication Center opened in 2009 and is state of the art.

About our staff

Our Communications Center is supervised by Communication Center Manager Darlene Pankonie.
Our dispatch center also includes:
26 9-1-1 Public Safety Dispatchers
6 Public Safety Answering Point Coordinators 
Because 9-1-1 never sleeps, our dispatchers work a rotating schedule with varying days off, so we are always their to answer the public's calls for help.

By the numbers 

The Communication Center dispatches to 16 different police, fire or emergency agencies in Washington County. In 2017, the Communication Center received 72,410 9-1-1 calls and 130,209 non-emergency calls.
  1. Code Red
  2. 911 Operations
  3. Tips on calling 911
  4. 800 megahertz
  5. Agencies we dispatch

Code RED is a web-based system which allows the Sheriff's Office the ability to reach a large number of residents in a very short time, by geographically-based delivery of telephone and text messaging. The system allows county residents the ability to create their own account so they can add or remove numbers they want the system to call. Click here to watch a video on how Code Red works.

To sign up for Code Red, click here. 

The nature of the alert, date, time, a map of the area affected and the option to listen to the message are all features included in the widget. Also included at the bottom of the widget is a “Sign Up” button that links directly to the Community Notification Enrollment page to encourage additional citizen enrollment.