Fee Schedule

Service Fee
9-1-1 Voice Audio Copy (Retention time is 1 year) $5.00
Research time to create copy Per Hour - $20.00
9-1-1 Typed Transcripts Per Hour - $20.00
Pre-payment (required) $25.00
CD / DVD / Digital Squad DVD $20.00
Photograph Reproduction / CD $20.00
3" by 5" (plus cost of reproduction) Each - $5.00
8" by 10" (plus cost of reproduction) Each - $10.00
Reports (any report) (per Chapter 13.03) (includes State Accident Reports, non-commercial use) 4 Pages - $1.00
Accident Report for Commercial Use (no fee for 1 page) 2 Pages - $1.00
Query Reports $5.00
Adoption and Oversea Letters (per person) $5.00
Background Check (per person) $5.00
Jail Summary (per person) $5.00
Mug Shot Photo (business unit 166025) $5.00
Daily Incident Report (email) Per Day - $2.00
Per Month - $50.00
Payment: Cash, Check or Credit Card. (Master Card, Visa or Discover)


For fingerprinting services, cash is accepted and exact change is required. There is an ATM available in the lobby. Services are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can pay with a credit card but only during business hours.
Service Fee
Washington County Residents (per person) $15.00
Non-Washington County Residents (per person) (2 cards) $20.00
Each Additional Card $2.00

Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon Application

The fee for applying for a permit to carry a concealed weapon is $75.00. The processing fee due when a new permit to carry application is submitted (see the handgun permit page for details).

For a renewal of permit to carry application, the fee is $55.00. The late fee for a renewal permit to carry application is $10.00 if you submit a renewal application packet after the expiration date of the permit but within 30 days after expiration. The total fee is $65.00.

Change of Address or Lost / Destroyed Permit

A permit holder may obtain a replacement permit card by paying $10.00 to the Sheriff's Office. The request for a replacement card must be made on an official, standardized application adopted for this purpose and except in the case of an address change, must include a notarized statement that the permit card has been lost or destroyed. You must notify the Sheriff's Office within 30 days of a change of address or a lost or destroyed permit card (failure to notify is a petty misdemeanor).