Service of Civil Papers

Update regarding services during COVID-19

Effective Monday, March 30th until April 10th, the Washington County Sheriff’s will be closing the front window at the Law Enforcement Center.

This modification will be made to limit exposure to citizens and staff to COVID-19. This will mean a change in gun permits and civil process.

If you wish to have the Sheriff’s Office Civil Unit serve your papers, please follow the instructions in the document below: 

Service of Process

All Government Agencies

Please email your documents (preferred method) to:

or fax to 651-430-7675

**We ask that you please give a description line with paper type and name of party being served. You MUST include your name and contact telephone # - Please Do Not use language such as ‘Hennepin County’. Give us your name and telephone number to contact you if we have issues**

Public and Private Attorney Offices

Apply via U.S. Mail

Complete the attached Instruction Form – Please fill this form out completely

We will only attempt one address – please list only the address you wish us to attempt

You must include a check for $70.00 per person (if two people live at the same address and you need Both served the fee is $140.00)

If you have a Fee Waiver signed by a judge, you must include a copy with your paperwork.

We do not guarantee service and fees are non-refundable

If you have a court date, be sure this court date is no less than two weeks out. Many documents must be served several days before the court date. Be sure to check the statute for your paper type to see when it needs to be served by.