Mortgage Foreclosure Sales

Sales are held at the Law Enforcement Center Monday through Friday at 10:00 a.m. barring any holidays. We do not have any information regarding pending or upcoming sales. See Upcoming or Pending Foreclosure Sales.

Being A Bidder at a Foreclosure Sale 

**You are Strongly Urged to Seek Legal Advice from a Qualified Attorney Before Attempting to Bid at a Foreclosure Sale. This is Not an Auction. In many cases, the Mortgagor(s) still have redemption rights in place for 6 months or more.**

  • The Sheriff's Office will conduct the sale;
  • Representative for the lender will place opening bid;
  • All others are then allowed to place bids. A successful bidder must have cash or cash equivalent (bank cashier’s check) made payable to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at the time of the sale. We cannot 'Wait' for funds.
  • All outside bidders will be required to fill out a full information sheet including their Federal Tax ID # or Social Security # and complete a W9 form.