Potential Consequences

Consequences for Truancy

Potential consequences for a truant child include the following:
  • A child can be placed on probation
  • A child can be placed on house arrest and cannot leave the residence unless at school or with a parent
  • A child can be assigned community work service hours or be required to work with the Washington County Jail Sentence-to-Serve crew
  • A child can lose their driving privileges until age 18
  • The court can order that any necessary evaluations, treatment, or counseling services be completed. The court can order services for the parent and child.
  • A fine of up to $100 can be imposed.
  • A child can be removed from their home and placed in shelter care, foster care, or other types of care determined to meet the needs of the child. Parents are required to pay the cost of care based upon ability as determined by Washington County. Placement only occurs if there are safety or treatment needs.
  • Parents can be required to compel their child's attendance