Ages 12-15 - Truancy Diversion Services

Diversion Services

Schools are required to refer students ages 12-15 to Community Services when they are in violation of the compulsory school attendance laws. At this point, formal Diversion Services are typically offered to students and their parents, although a determination may be made to proceed directly with court action.

At this level, a Washington County truancy social worker arranges a formal diversion meeting between the students, their parents, and the school. This meeting occurs in lieu of court, in final efforts to compel the child to attend school. A contract is established and the child is placed under supervision to comply with the contract. Appropriate service referrals are made and significant consequences can occur at this level of intervention.

If a student continues to be truant after the less intrusive and least restrictive interventions have been tried, the matter will be referred to the County Attorney's Office to determine what action should occur, including potential court action.
Truancy Diversion Referral (2018-2019)