Adult Foster Care

Adult foster care is a licensed service for individuals age 18 and over that have a disability or functional impairment, are not able to live independently, and prefer to live in a community-based, home-like setting. Adult foster care providers offer food, lodging, protection, supervision, and household services.

  • Family:

    • The home is the primary residence of the license holder and the license holder is the primary caregiver.
  • Corporate:

    • The license holder is not required to live in the home or provide the majority of care. These homes typically have shift staff and are operated by corporations.
    • The 2009 Minnesota Legislature authorized a moratorium on the growth of licensed adult and child corporate foster care and community residential settings. For more information, see CBSM - Moratorium on corporate foster care and community residential settings.

Adult foster care homes may serve individuals with developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, mental health conditions, physical impairments, and the elderly.

Informational Meeting - Family Adult Foster Care

We require people interested in becoming licensed for family adult foster care to attend an informational meeting. The informational meeting will provide an overview of adult family foster care services, the licensing process, and general expectations of providers. 

*Due to a high volume of Adult Foster Care applications waiting to be processed for license in relation to the current need of additional homes in Washington County, the Adult Foster Care Informational Meeting is on hold until further notice.