Intellectual and Developmental

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Social Services Eligibility

Your child may be eligible for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Social Services if:
  1. The child has test scores of more than two standard deviations below the mean in two global areas of functioning, one of which is cognition, and the child is at risk of a developmental disability.
  2. The child has been assessed and diagnosed by a psychologist as having Global Developmental Delays.
  3. The child may have a related condition that results in impairment of general intellectual functioning or adaptive behavior similar to that of persons with developmental disabilities. This may be indicated by substantial limitations in three or more areas of life activities, including self-care, understanding and use of language, learning, mobility, self-direction or judgment, and independent or daily living skills.
  4. Diagnoses which may (or may not) be related conditions include, but are not limited to, cerebral palsy, autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, epilepsy, Prader-Willi Syndrome, traumatic brain injury, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Children Over the Age of Five

For a child over the age of five years a psychological evaluation (IQ score) completed within the last three years, and an adaptive skills assessment that documents delays must be provided. Your child must show a full scale IQ of 70 or lower, or be diagnosed with a related condition and show both significant deficits in adaptive skills, and have similar service needs to a person with developmental disabilities. If your child's only condition is medically-related, he or she may not qualify for IDD social services. Washington County will assist with obtaining an evaluation, if one is not available from the school or through private insurance.

Applying for Services

To apply for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Social Services, call 651-430-6484. You will be asked for some basic information over the phone, to determine if your child may meet the criteria listed above. A letter will be sent to you outlining the intake process and requesting documents and information. When those items have been provided, a IDD intake social worker will contact you to discuss the need for any further information. If your child is eligible for IDD social services, you will be notified by letter, and an ongoing social worker will be assigned. They will meet with you to develop a plan based on your child's needs.