Family and Provider Responsibilities

Parent Responsibilities
Report all changes in family size, income, work schedules, address, school or job search hours, child custody arrangements, and health / dental insurance premiums within 10 days of the change. Failure to report changes may result in over-payments.
  • Document the immigration or citizenship status of the children in your family.
  • Cooperate with child support enforcement for all children in your household.
  • Complete a child care re-determination packet at least every six months or less.
  • Give your provider a two-week notice of changing care or terminating care.

Provider Responsibilities
  • Notify county of care ending.
  • Notify county of unpaid co-payments.
  • Send in tuition and contract changes at least 10 days prior to the change. Increased tuition rates can be paid from the date that the county is notified in writing. Higher rates will not be paid retroactively.
  • Send in payment vouchers within 60 days from the last day of the billing voucher cycle.
  • Apply the same policies as for private pay families.
  • Sign and submit a provider acknowledgement form before you are paid for services.

Notification to Parents and Providers
Parents and providers will be notified of any co-payment changes, authorization changes or termination from the program. Payment should not be expected after the end date of authorization or termination date.