Payment Policies


Minnesota law requires all childcare assistance payments to be paid directly to the childcare provider, either licensed or legal non-licensed, on behalf of the eligible family, except in cases where a provider cares for children in the children's home. In these cases, the childcare assistance payments must be paid directly to the parent.
Billing forms, paper or electronic, must be sent in for payment within 60 days of the last day of the billing cycle. The county may pay a bill submitted after 60 days if the provider can show that the billing form was not received in a timely manner due to agency or computer error. The county will issue payment within 21 days of receipt of the a complete billing form.
There may be some situations in which the county will not be able to authorize payments for care.


A biweekly co-payment may be required. The amount that would be needed to pay would be based on income and household size. The co-pay would be paid by the family directly to the provider. Failure to pay the co-payment may result in termination of child care assistance.

Other Charges

There are maximum rates that the county is able to pay for care. If the provider charges more than the maximum rate, the parent would be responsible to pay the difference.