Candidate Filing

Candidate Filings

A complete list of all candidate filings statewide may be found on the Minnesota Secretary of State website. The Washington County

2016 Candidate Filing List will be updated daily at 4pm. This listing contains only filings accepted at Washington County.

Candidate Filing Information
2016 Filing Dates May 17th - May 31st 2016

For additional information on candidate filing in Minnesota, click on the link below to the Minnesota Secretary of State's website:

Minnesota Secretary of State

County Commissioner Special Election

Commissioner District 2 in Washington County will remain vacant until a special election in November. The special election will be conducted concurrently with the regularly-scheduled primary and general election in 2016. The ballot will note that it is a special election to fill the remainder of the unexpired term. Candidate filings for the special election will occur from May 17 to May 31. If more than two candidates file, a primary will be held Aug. 9. The general election in 2016 will occur Nov. 8.The winner of the special election has the ability to be sworn into office once the canvass board has met and the election is certified in mid-November.
The Second District includes Birchwood, Pine Springs, Willernie, the portion of White Bear Lake that is within Washington County (Ward 4, Precinct 2), Landfall, Precinct 2 of Mahtomedi, Oakdale, and Woodbury Precincts 1, 2, and 7.

Campaign Finance Reports Filed:

Fran Miron 12-6-16 Final

John Rheinberger 10-28-16
John Rheinberger 11-10-16 Final

David Beaudet 8-10-16
David Beaudet 10-28-16
David Beaudet 12-8-16 Final
Joseph T Delaney 8-1-16

Stan Karwoski 12-8-16
Stan Karwoski 10-28-16
Stan Karwoski 7-29-16
Stan Karwoski 1-31-17

John W McPhillips 7-29-16

Edward Byrne 7-28-16

Cheryl Anderson 7-19-16
Cheryl Anderson 10-28-16
Cheryl Anderson 11-12-16
Cheryl Anderson 1-23-17

Gary Kreisel 12-8-16 Final
Gary Kriesel 10-28-16
Gary Kriesel 9-1-16 Amended
Gary Kriesel 9-1-16
Gary Kriesel 7-10-16
Jeremy Olson Final 11-3-16
Jeremy Olson 7-13-16
Jeremy Olson 6-17-14
Jeremy Olson 8-1-14
Jeremy Olson 8-24-14
Jeremy Olson 12-4-14 Final

Ted Bearth 8-9-14
Ted Bearth 10-24-14
Ted Bearth 12-4-14 Final

Autumn Lehrke 8-19-14
Autumn Lehrke 10-24-14
Autumn Lehrke 10-24-14 Amended
Autumn Lehrke 12-4-14 Final
Autumn Lehrke 12-31-14 Final

Karla Bigham 10-24-14
Karla Bigham 11-10-14
Karla Bigham 12-4-14
Karla Bigham 1-2015
Karla Bigham 1-2016
Karla Bigham 1-16-17

Lisa Weik 1-2015
Lisa Weik 1-2016
Lisa Weik 9-6-16
Lisa Weik 9-6-16 Amended
Lisa Weik 10-27-16
Lisa Weik 11-28-16
Lisa Weik 1-3-17
Pete Orput 1-2016
Pete Orput 1-23-17