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Washington County can help you with the U.S. passport application process.

Visit Travel.State.Gov  for additional information or click on one of the tabs below:

When to renew by mail

You renew by mail if:

  • I still have my passport
  • 16 or older when it was issued
  • Issued 15 years ago or less (issue date on passport)
  • Valid for 10 years
  • Undamaged 
  • Provide name change document if needed

More information here

Visit us to:

  • Get passport photos taken at all 4 locations, $15 per person while you wait.
    • 2 color photos - Credit/Debit cards (2.49% additional fee), cash or check payable to Washington County
    • Make an photo appointment
  • Pick up your forms or print DS-82 Renewal Form

    Or provide your own photo - view the Photograph requirements.

Should I get a Passport book or Passport card?  You can apply for both!

Go to to view: passport fees, processing times, check the status of your application, and more information.