Water Tests

Well Water Testing Services

Private well water users should test their water regularly to ensure clean water. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) recommends well users test their water annually for coliform bacteria, and every other year for nitrates. If there is a new infant in the home, the water should also be tested for nitrates. The Department of Public Health and Environment provides well water testing services to county residents for a modest fee. To order a test kit, call or email the department. All water to be tested must be in the container provided.

Regular Water Test Fees

All fees are subject to change. The following fees must be paid when you submit your sample to the department.
Test Fee
Arsenic (Test requires its own bag, call for additional bags.) $44*
Coliform Bacteria Re-Test $22
Fluoride $37
Hardness $54*
Iron $37
Iron Bacteria $55
Lead $44**
Sodium $37*
Sulfate $35
Total Coliform Bacteria and Nitrate - Nitrogen (basic test for drinking quality) $44
* The water drawn for these tests must not go through a water softener.
** This test requires a special sampling container.

Special Water Test Fees for PFCs and VOCs

New!  Due to the need to prioritize sampling being conducted by MPCA and MDH, the county is suspending PFC testing until further notice. For more information on MDH’s response, please see this website

You can also view this interactive map to see if you may be in a priority sampling area. 

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) (including trichloroethylene or TCE) is still currently available. 

Call the department at 651-430-6655 and a Sampling Request Form will be mailed or emailed to you. A PFC sample is $394, and a VOC sample is $170. After you request the test, county staff will come out to your property to take the sample and send it to the MDH Public Health Laboratory for analysis. Results and a description of what they mean will be mailed to you from MDH approximately six to eight weeks from the date of sampling.

Additional Well Water Information