Hazardous Waste

All businesses located in Washington County that produce hazardous waste must be licensed. The license period runs from May 1 of the license year through April 30 of the following year.  

Obtain a License

Washington County hazardous waste licensing forms are designed to help new or unlicensed generators determine if their businesses need a hazardous waste license, assess their hazardous waste management, become compliant with hazardous waste regulations and apply for a license, all without requiring an inspection. 

  1. Complete the initial license application.
  2. Pay the fee according to the fee schedule by clicking on the "Pay Online" payment button above. 
  1. Report Changes
  2. Training & Resources
  3. Forms & Fact Sheets

Report new wastes within 75 days by completing and submitting a Hazardous Waste Management Plan.

Notify Washington County and the MPCA for the following changes:

  • Business name change.
  • Moving/address change.
  • Closing.
  • Contact information.

Application Drop-Off Locations