Green Government

Going Green in Washington County

Washington County is a governmental leader in reducing, reusing, and recycling waste in business operations. Not only is this good for the environment, but the county shows savings of public dollars in energy and waste disposal costs. The county has passed board resolutions to specifically address environmentally preferable purchasing, sustainable building, the use of recycled paint, and the use of recycled manufactured scrap shingles in various asphalt applications within county operations.

As a leader, the county is committed to the following initiatives:
  • Green Purchasing: We strive to purchase equipment and products that are environmentally preferred, such as cleaners, computer equipment, office furniture, vehicles, and lighting units.
  • Sustainable Buildings: We incorporate the Minnesota Sustainable Building Design Guidelines in the planning and building of county facilities.
  • Waste Reduction, Recycling, and Processing: We reduce the amount of waste generated by county operations through recycling of office paper and containers, electronics, and batteries. We reuse materials whenever possible, and we process any remaining waste at the Resource Recovery Facility in Newport.

Waste Management Master Plan

Additional information about how the county will continue to be a leader in reducing waste and costs, can be found in the Waste Management Master Plan. This plan guides the county’s activities and establishes objectives for the next 20 years.