Zoning Permits

Permit applications are available in PDF format. Print or download applications from the list below.

Certificate of Compliance-Commercial $150.00
Certificate of Compliance-Residential $75.00
Certificate of Compliance-Residential/Ice Ridge Alteration and Grading $35.00
Conditional Use Permit $500.00
Conditional Use Permit Amendment $500.00
Conservation Easement Application $5,000.00
Land Alteration/Grading Permit $125.00
Mining-Annual Review $300.00
Mining-Five Year Conditional Use Permit $1,200.00
Mining-New Operation $2,000.00
Open Space Design Development $500.00
Planned Unit Development $750.00
Rezoning/Ordinance/Comprehensive Plan Amendment $750.00
Sign Permit $75.00
Subdivision Application-Plat Commission Review $300.00
Minor Subdivision Application-Plat Commission Review
(3 lots or less)
Variance/Appeal-Board of Adjustment & Appeals $300.00
Postage $2.00
Fax Fee $2.00