Data Map

Data Map

An interactive GIS based web map designed to allow the user to quickly access survey related data. Once you open the viewer and zoom-in, open the layers menu with the 3-bar icon in the upper left to toggle layers on and off.

The following layers are available:

PLS Points

Section corner information for 1500 US Public Land Survey corners in Washington County.

  • Name / Point Number
  • Type of Monument
  • Coordinate Values: NAD83/1986, Washington County Coordinate System
  • Corner Ties
  • Certificate of Location of Government Corner

Control Points

Survey control points are random stations established by GPS or traverse networks.

  • Station Name / Point Number 
  • Type of Monument 
  • Coordinate Values: NAD83/1986, Washington County Coordinate System

General Land Office (GLO) Maps

General Land Office (GLO) maps from the original U.S. Public Land Survey (1848) are available as a map layer.  Adjust the opacity to view multiple layers at once.


Section Worksheets

These are a working drawing for survey control. Each worksheet shows 2 sections of land.

  • Section Corners
    • Coordinate Values: NAD83/1986, Washington County Coordinate System
    • Type of Monument
  • Section Lines
  • Government Lots
  • Geodetic Control Stations
  • Local Control Stations 
  • Survey Networks

Get Section Worksheets on Data Map.

Get Section Worksheets by Township.

Certificates of Survey

Surveys prepared by licensed land surveyors in private practice are filed according to Section 389.08, Minnesota Statutes.

  • The perimeter of each survey is mapped and shaded.
  • Copyright laws apply: The actual survey can be viewed at our Service Counter. Only those surveys made before March 1, 1989 can be photocopied.