Survey Data 


Includes a new interactive web viewer for Section Corners, Control Points, Section Worksheets, and Certificates of Survey.

The page also has the parameters for Washington County coordinates and information on Fractional Sections.

Survey Archives

The Surveyor’s Office has maps and survey records dating to 1847.
These include subdivision plats, Registered Land Surveys, Highway right-of-way plats, railroad maps, Corps of Engineers Lock and Dam maps, Plat Books, and more.

All can be viewed and/or copied at our service counter. Learn more about Survey Archives.

Recorded Plats

The County Surveyor has a "Copy" of each subdivision plat on transparent film from which paper copies can be made to scale upon request.  A scanned image (pdf) may also be sent by e-mail.

The County Recorder holds the "Official Plat" and offers a web based subscription service to view and/or print recorded plats and other land records. The County Recorder can also provide a scale copy of the plat at their service counter.  Certified Copies are also available.

Common Interest Community plats are only available from the County Recorder.
Aerial Photos 
2016 aerial photography is available in digital and/or hardcopy prints. 
Aerial photography archives provide a historic record of land use and development in Washington County. Aerial photos are available in digital format for 1945, 1969, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2013. Other dates, as early as 1936, are available in hard copy.

2-foot Contours

2-foot contours derived from November 2011 LiDAR data are made available by the Minnesota DNR.

Parcel Maps

The parcel map database is developed and maintained to provide current Parcel information. Land records and subdivision plats are used to make maps showing land ownership and public roads. The parcel map database is also the foundation for the Geographic Information System (GIS). Parcel information can be seen on the Washington County GIS Property Viewer.

This data set should be used for reference purposes only.
Washington County is not responsible for any inaccuracies, or any misuse, or any misinterpretation of the information.



Metadata describes how and when and by whom a particular set of data was collected; and how that data is formatted. Here, it provides information about the content of some of our map products.

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