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Hard Copy Maps
• Parcel Maps • Horizontal Control Reports
• Color Aerial Photos (2016) Section Worksheets (NAD83/1986)
• Photo Archives (1936 – 2009) NAD27 Worksheets
• Parcel Map Overlay/Aerial Photo • Certificates of Survey on file
• 2-Foot Contours • Judicial Ditch Maps
• Subdivision Plats County Highway Map
• Highway Right-of-Way Plats • Plat Book - 2016 Edition
• Township Street Maps
• Plat Book Archives (1887-2012)
School District map Watershed District map
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Digital Parcel Data
The data set includes parcel lines, parcel geocodes, parcel dimensions, subdivision plat boundaries, school district boundaries, watershed district boundaries, road centerlines, right-of-way lines, major easements more than 20 feet wide, railroads, lakes, wetlands, rivers, and streams. Washington County Tax System records (acquired separately) may be attached via the parcel geocode.
This data set is available in ArcGIS and/or AutoCAD format.

Cost, Metadata

Aerial Photography

The new 2016 color aerial photography has a ground resolution of 6 inches and a horizontal accuracy of +/- 1.5 feet. This data set is available in TIFF, JPEG, MrSID, and ECW file formats.

Digital Aerials: 2016 color 6 inch resolution
   2013 color 6 inch resolution

2009 color 6 inch resolution

2005 color 6 inch resolution

2000 B & W 6 inch resolution

1945 B & W Low Resolution

2-foot digital contour data is available from:
LiDAR acquired by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, November 2011 flight date.

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