Survey Division

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NEW: Digital copies of plats are now available. 

The plats are viewable in the new "plat" layer on the Data Map, an interactive GIS digital map to quickly access survey-related data. The plats will be indicated on the map with a polygon, click on the polygon to view a PDF version of the plat.

The County Surveyor manages and oversees the functions of the Survey Division, which include:

  • Preservation of the U.S. Public Land Survey corners.
  • Land parcel mapping.
  • Torrens application review.
  • Subdivision plat review.
  • Geodetic control.
  • Acquisition of aerial photography.

Data Map

Interactive GIS viewer for Plats, RLS, Parcel Maps, PLS corners, Survey Control Stations, Section Worksheets, and Certificates of Survey. General Land Office (GLO) maps from the original U.S. Public Land Survey (1848) are available as a map layer. Adjust the opacity to view multiple layers at once.

General Land Office (GLO) map

Parcel Data / GIS

Washington County GIS parcel polygons are included in the Metro Regional Parcel Dataset and can be downloaded for free from the Minnesota Geospatial Commons.

Half-Section PDF maps are available to view and download using the Data Map.

Parcel data can also be viewed from the GIS Property Viewer.

Plat Review

Subdivision Plats are reviewed for professional standards, mathematical closure, compliance with Minnesota Statutes, and other regulations. Each plat is approved by the County Surveyor according to Chapter 820, Laws of Minnesota - 1971, prior to recording.

Washington County has adopted the Manual of Guidelines for Platting in Minnesota (PDF), a joint publication of the Minnesota Society of Professional Surveyors (MSPS) and the Minnesota Association of County Surveyors (MACS). The Washington County Addendum (PDF) provides guidance specific to platting in Washington County.