Hardwood Creek Regional Trail

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Map of Hardwood Creek Regional Trail


The Hardwood Creek Regional Trail is a 9.5-mile multiple-use trail in northwestern Washington County.

The trail consists of two parallel trails which run adjacent to State Highway 61, from County Road 8 (Frenchman Road) in Hugo to the Washington/Chisago County Line in Forest Lake.

The paved trail portion is for bikers, hikers, and in-line skaters, skiers and snowshoeing. In the winter, the paved trail is not groomed. The adjacent turf trail portion is for horses in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter. The Forest Lake snowmobile club grooms the turf trail in winter. Note that snowmobiles with metal traction devices (studs) are not allowed anywhere along the trail corridor.

The trail is on a former Burlington Northern Railroad grade which is level and ADA accessible. Hardwood Creek Regional Trail provides access to local trails and businesses, and to the Sunrise Prairie Trail in Chisago County which extends to North Branch. The trail takes visitors through new residential areas, natural areas, and the commercial areas of Hugo and Forest Lake, each containing interesting small shops and restaurants.

Parking Areas

  • North of the intersection of U.S. Highway 61 and County Road 8 (Frenchman Road)
  • Washington County Headwaters Service Center - Transit Center (19955 Forest Lake Road)
  • North of the Forest Lake City Hall at Lake Street (U.S. Highway 61) and Broadway Avenue (County State Aid Highway 2)
  • County Park Vehicle Permits are not required to park or to use the trail

Restrooms and Water

  • No restrooms available in Hugo
  • Restrooms and water fountain available at Headwaters Transit Center (19955 Forest Lake Road)
  • Restrooms in Forest Lake City Hall
  • Water fountain at Frenchman Road parking area, and Forest Lake City Hall 

Trail Distances in Miles

Co. Rd. 4 190th St. No. St. Hwy. 97 Broadway Co. Line
CSAH 8 2.5 miles 4.5 miles 6.5 miles 8.2 miles 9.5 miles
Co. Rd. 4
2.0 miles 4.0 miles 5.7 miles 7.0 miles
190th St. No.

2.0 miles 3.7 miles 5.0 miles
Highway. 97

1.7 miles 3.0 miles

1.3 miles