Lake Elmo Park Reserve



Lake Elmo Park Reserve is 2,165 acres (3.5 square miles) with 80 percent of its acreage set aside for preservation and protection. This portion will eventually resemble the land as it was prior to the arrival of the settlers in the mid-1800s. This park reserve offers gently rolling hills with a variety of landscape types, including forest and prairie. Watch for pheasants, weasels, red fox, woodpeckers, cardinals, cottontail rabbits, squirrels, and white-tailed deer.

Vehicle permits are required for all vehicles entering the park.

Park Facilities and Activities


    Nordic Rocks Ski Rentals at Lake Elmo Park Reserve

    These skis are a great way to explore the park and introduce a new generation of children and families to the excitement found in the sport of cross country skiing.  

    These introductory level cross country skis come in youth and adult size and are worn over a traditional winter boot.  As part of the rental package, adjustable poles are included.  

    Nordic Rocks Ski Rental Information   

    Please note that ski rentals will not be available when the trails are in poor condition and there is not enough snow. We want to ensure people have an enjoyable and safe first time skiing if they are beginners and the equipment doesn't get damaged.            

    Ski Rental Rates

    Adult: $10     

    Youth: $5

    3 hour limit


    Adult Skis: 160 cm

    Youth Skis: 120 cm

    Poles: Adjustable