Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park

A view from the fishing pier, overlooking Ravine Lake. 


Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park consists of 515 acres of hills and dramatic, heavily wooded ravines with occasional clearings of old field and prairie. This varied topography and landscape types means that its slopes receive different sun exposures. This creates an unusual variety of vegetation and habitats. Look for grouse, ermine, cottontail rabbits, deer and a number of bird species, including the pileated woodpecker.

Vehicle permits are required for all vehicles entering the park.

Free Tuesdays in the Parks

- Nov. 1

Goats browsing on invasive shrubs

Goats are being used within the park to assist with controlling invasive shrub species within a three-acre woodland on the north end of the park. For more information on the goat use, contact the Natural Resource Coordinator at 651-430-4323. 

Visit the goats

From the picnic shelter near Ravine Lake, head north for 1.9 miles along the paved trail. The goats are on the north end of the park, on the west side of paved trail. 

Location of Goats from Picnic Shelter

Park Facilities and Activities

Park facilities and activities include:
  • CC Ski Trails
  • Fishing
  • Hiking Trails
  • Paved Trails
  • Picnic Shelter
  • Play Structure


Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park has a fishing pier that was installed in 2006. The pier is on the east side of Ravine Lake near the picnic shelter and play area. The pier is also near the paved trail that runs through the center of the park. Parking, drinking water (summer), and restrooms are available nearby.
View MN DNR Lake Information.

Picnic Shelter

  • Pets are not allowed.
  • All vehicles must display a valid Washington County Parks vehicle permit.
  • Water may not be available after October 1.
  • A 100-gallon beverage cooling tank may be rented when you rent a shelter (ice is not included).
Picnic shelter amenities include:
  • Shelter size is 1,640 square feet
  • Parking capacity for 80 cars
  • Rustic restrooms available year-round
  • One 36-inch by 36-inch charcoal grill
  • One electric outlet
  • One six-foot serving counter
  • Picnic tables
  • Water spigot